LIGHT 2 Super

LIGHT 2 super


The INOKIM Light 2 Super is a compact scooter with a powerful 350W motor, and dual drum brake system, packed into a beautiful design.

The additional brake is incorporated to boost the safety aspect of a more powerful motor with the ability to reach a maximum speed of 35km/h.

Due to its lightweight, it is very easy to use in the city.


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Price: 1014 EUR


Who is it for?

For those who work in the city

Forget the traffic jams, the crowded public transportation and the continuous search for parking places.

For students
INOKIM LIGHT is the ultimate urban transportation solution - with a range of up to 40 kilometers * You can go directly from home to the school, take the electric scooter on campus or fold it and carry it with you.

Residents of large cities
Forget the high costs of a private car, motorcycle or public transport and start enjoying urban freedom with INOKIM LIGHT. Savings of 1: 100 in relation to the maintenance of a private car, without licensing or insurance, and with zero emission of pollutants.

For train passengers
The perfect solution for the last kilometer - go up with the INOKIM LIGHT to the train and place it under the seat, and when you get there simply open it and drive where you need it. Yes, it's as simple as it sounds.

A lightweight scooter, which you can store easily


Due to its light aluminum body, the total weight of LIGHT 2 super is 13.7 kg.


Folded size: 96cm x 18cm x 37 cm


Its improved folding mechanism makes the opening and closing really smooth.

Technical specification


- LG lithium-ion battery 36V, 10.4 amper hour

- Maximum range by one charging: 23-30 km*

- Maximum speed: 35km/h

- 13.7 kg of weight

- A reliable and easy-to-maintain BRUSHLESS motor, 300W

- Charging time: 3-4 hours

- Telescopic rod height between 97 and 62 cm

- Front and rear drum braking system

- 8,5 pneumatic tires

- Open size: 106cm x 110cm x 47cm

- Folded size: 96cm x 37cm x 18cm

- Maximum load:  100 kg

- Light aluminum body

- LCD throttle

- Speed control

- Front and rear brake lights


*  The range is measured with 80 kg passenger in flat area under 27 celsius outside temperature in first gear. Please note that the maximum distance by one charging will change as the above conditions change!

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