All models can be tested in our store for a short ride, after depositing your ID card.

Mini2: Max. load 75 kg. Ideal for ladies, children aged from 10-12 years, or factory workers, for quick and short roads, on flat terrain, combined with car and public transport.

Light2: Max. load 100 kg. We recommend it the Light2 for any age with average body size, for the daily urban transport, combined with car and even for sightseeing.

Quick3: Max. load 120 kg. We recommend it for those who are above the average body size, or with larger shoe size - due to the QUICK3's comfortable, large standing board and the carrying capacity, or it is suitable for transporting a smaller child also.* (*Inform about the law and the safety regulations features of this!)

OX / OXO: Max. load 120 kg. Recommended for hikers, for dirt roads, for hills, for longer distances (up to 70-100 km) for intensive using throughout the day.

With over 10 years of experience in scooter design, construction and distribution, as well as numerous patents and senior design and design awards, INOKIM is the undisputed pioneer and benchmark on the market. Our scooters are exclusively made from high quality materials, with one of the best batteries on the market - in multiple colors - to give our scooter owners the best driving and traveling experience every kilometers they drive. In addition, our dealerships in many locations around the world are waiting for the INOKIM owners with a complete part-stock and fast service time. INOKIM also places great emphasis on its user-friendly service, the customer information and full service.

At present, the hungarian law and the completion of the Highway Code for electric scooters are under preparation. (Video link?) Right now, it is best to choose the bike paths, on the right side of smaller streets or on the sidewalk at the right speed (around 8-10 km/h) paying special attention and without disturbing the pedestrians. When using the right side of the roads, you must know that the scooter are not vehicles according to the present Highway Code, nor can the scooter be insured, so in case of a police measure be aware of the current regulations and regulations. Always be informed about the laws and the safety regulations of the country or city and comply with it. Do not use the scooter in bad weather conditions.

The Highway Code does not specify the helmet for bicycles in the city either, it only recommends it. The INOKIM team believe that SAFETY FIRST! Because our scooters are fast enough, we strongly recommend wearing a helmet and using the headlights constantly while riding your INOKIM!

NO, just splash proof. Our scooters haven't IP rating therefore not considered waterproof. When it starts raining, it is advisable to move the scooter to a dry place as soon as possible and wipe the outside thoroughly with a dry cloth.

You can pay with cash, credit card, online through our website with Barion, or by e-mail for a prepayment invoice. It's not possible to pay in installments.

Yes, you can order from our website or by e-mail also. The package will be delivered by DPD.

Mini2: 23-28 km. Light2: 27-40km. Quick3: 35-45km. OX/OXO: 50-70-100 km. (This data is heavily influenced by the driver weight, the terrain conditions: flat road conditions, uphill, headwind, the temperature and tire pressure.)

Max.Speeds: Mini2: 25 km/h. Light2: 35 km/h. Quick3: 30 km/h. OX: 49 mph. OXO: 65 km/h.

You can take your scooter in person at our shop, but we also can deliver them to your address in Hungary free of charge by DPD.

We use the one of the best quality LG batteries on the market in our scooters. LG has provided 3 years of proof that there will be no drastic performance degradation. (Of course, all Li-ion batteries naturally have a time-proportional performance degradation even with daily use.)

In the case of any malfunction, our INOKIM authorized service is ready to repair your scooter as quickly as possible. Most of the scooter parts are available at our service what we can replace within a few days.

1055,  5. Aulich Street, Budapest. inokimhungary@gmail.com

Check the wheels, the tire pressure, the folding mechanism and the brakes before every ride. Check the bolts, the plastic parts and the visible damages every month (depending on usage). If you notice any abnormality or you are not sure about the maintenence methods, please bring your scooter to our store for help and a quick inspection.

How should I charge my scooter?

It's best to keep your scooter battery over 50% charged at all times. We do not recommend storing the battery discharged for a long time! Before charging, be sure to wait at least 10 minutes after use. Always plug the charger head into the scooter first and then connect the plug into the wall socket. This protects the battery from a short circuit. Once the battery is charged (green LED indicator on the charger), disconnect the charger from the scooter as soon as possible. Never leave the scooter charging for days!

It is different by each model and also depends on the charge level. Mini2: 2-4 hours. Light2: 3-6 hours. Quick3: 4-7 hours. OX/OXO: 6-8-11 hours. It is possible to charge the scooter at short intervals also - for up to 2 hours - and then continue charging later. TIP: It's a good idea to charge the scooter every night (like a cell phone) and then recharge it in the morning, it is ready to go.

Mini2: 10,5 kg. Light2: 13,5 kg. Quick3: 17,5 kg. OX: 27 kg. OXO: 33 kg. Experience: The average user does not often lift the scooter during the daily use: it is usually pushed when not traveling on it, lift up/down from train, at home/work if there is no elevator, or during loading/unloading form car.

We guarantee full service warranty up to 12 months on the INOKIM scooter you purchase!

Your scooter uses less than 1KWh of power from a standard wall socket (220V), which is currently priced around 25 HUF in Hungary.

Scooters should be stored on room temperature, in a dry place, fully charged when you are not using it for longer period of time (1 month). To maintain battery life, the scooter should be fully recharged every two months.