What is the difference between INOKIM and other batteries?

INOKIM contains rechargeable Lithium batteries such as those used in electric and Hybrid cars for example the Toyota PRIUS and the TESLA. This is the high-end technology.

The benefits of Lithium batteries are: Multiple charging and recharging ability, lightweight, range, and compactness.

How fast can INOKIM go?

The INOKIM Light 2 Super can reach 35km/h, depending on user’s weight, wind resistance, and slopes. And the INOKIM Quick 3 Super can reach 30km/h.

How long does it take to charge INOKIM?

It takes 5 to 6 hours from an empty to full battery.

How long between recharges?

With a new, fully charged battery, INOKIM can travel around 35km in optimal conditions (a load of 70kgs, no slopes, no stops, no wind).

How much does INOKIM weigh?

The weight of INOKIM Light 2 scooter is less than 14 kg. And the INOKIM Quick 3 is 17,2 kg.

How waterproof is INOKIM?

It is waterproof from falling rain, however one should avoid driving through water.