Quick 4

Not just a scooter, but a lifestyle.


This fast and easy to fold electric scooter sets a new standard in the category. Quick 4 combines the best features of INOKIM rollers to date: compact, strong and stunning in appearance.

You will find all the useful information on its color LCD display, and its folding handlebar makes portability easy.

Thanks to its front-rear suspension, bad roads are no longer a challenge, and with its modified design, carrying has become easier.


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Delivery: end of October 2020.


Technical details and features

- Battery: HERO -  52V, 13 Ah | SUPER -  52V, 16 Ah (Samsung cells)

- Range: HERO - 50-58 km | SUPER - 55-70 km

- Max. speed: 40 km/h

- Weight: 21,5 kg

- Reliable electric motor

- Charging time: 7 hours

- Wheels: 10"

- Load capacity: 120 kg

- Body: 6061 aluminium

- Lights: LED lights front and rear


Quick 4 Hero:  1 411 EUR

Quick 4 Super: 1 588 EUR

But only NOW our introductory prices:

Quick 4 Hero: 1 235 EUR

Quick 4 Super: 1 411 EUR


* The range is calculated for an 80kg passenger in a flat area in first gear..


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