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Billing and VAT

The prices indicated on our site include 27% Value Added Tax.

VAT-free purchase with European Union community tax number.
Individuals are not allowed to purchase at net prices!

EU tax number:

In the European Union, customers (companies, entrepreneurs) have the opportunity to obtain products immediately, at net prices, to be taxed locally according to their country’s tax rules.

“The Community (EU) tax number in Hungary consists of the prefix HU and the first 8 digits of the tax number, in possession and use of which is the European Union directive known as taxation in the country of destination, according to which the purchaser pays the tax in the course of Community trade relations.”

The existence of a Hungarian tax number does not mean that the tax number is also a community tax number (please check your tax number in the VIES system).

Request for information:

There is no other thing to do than specify the required EU tax number (EU), send us by email or send an official document (scanned company extract or signature specimen) from the company to prove your eligibility. In the lack of these documents, customers can only purchase our products on gross price!

We do not accept any publicly accessible document from

After we verified your tax number you can buy our products net prices!

Please do not place an order before we confirm, wait for your colleague’s confirmation and after please, you order by email!

More information:

Please note that in case of purchase with an EU community tax number, the invoice will always be issued to the name of the company belonging to the community tax number (which is registered in the VIES system).

Only mandatory company data and community tax number, personal data (eg email address, phone number, name, address, etc.) will be added to the invoice.

We cannot accept the EU tax number registered in Slovakia!

We do not accept a tax number that is valid under VIES but contains incomplete data, please make sure that all necessary data is displayed in VIES.

If you buy at a net price, we can only deliver the order products by DPD home delivery service to the company’s registered address or site.